When, after a night of extreme insobriety, your insides feel reduced to pulp and you feel like you are about to die.

 "Aw Jesus, I feel like shit beaten up in a bucket."

Have sexual relations as in "did ya face er"
A Fart
"I just floated a serious air biscuit there, and by fuck shes a hummer!."
not good enough for public but good enough for around the house.
you cannot keep a secret

The act of ejaculation.

"What were ye doin' with thon brute?"

-"Here, anything to empty the bag, mate..."

Stupid, rare

 "That's wick" 

you are telling lies

negative term for person


"That fella there is talkin' shite!"
An Ugly Person "He looks like a bucket of snots"

Did ye hear, yer man is an arse bandit! Description of a gay man.

shes a promisuous young lady who enjoys the penis



e.g. "had the runs this mornin!"

Way of saying someone put on weight/ saying something swelled up


"ever since she went off the fags she's blew up like a barrel!"

I wouldn't be arsed going out ( i wouldn't be bothered)
expression: what the... e.g. "what in under f**k does she think she's doin trying to drive thon big jeep"
it pissing means its raining

filthy, repulsive

e.g. "Robert that girl you shagging the other night. She was bouncing mate"

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