An ass wipe or a bo...x. May be from sir hammer greenwood who burnt cork city. Used by the miners and the people of Castlecomer in North kilkenny to describe certain types of characteristics of a person.
Another way of saying very.... shocking without the g like..!
Are yoy coming for a drink in the Pub
This phrase is used when referring to a wealthy individual usually far more wealthy than his neighbours in the Parish. He his said to have more land than the Parish Priest, therefore making him wealthy indeed.
Wake Not strong.. Hammer Bate
Come over to me, I'm going to give you some hiding (Also calling someone a knacker). Ennis in particular.
Currently high on ecstasy or in the process of getting high on ecstasy
Old saying for anything that spins arounds
Used at the start of a sentence to make it sound you arent impressed. Mainly used in Newbridge and Kilcullen
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