Old woman

Aged 16 from the back; 90 from the front.

 "Jaysus, I was behind this bit on the street; she was a 1690 by fuck...!"

not a good boy

like you mother or father

a bad looking man or woman

someone who can't keep a secret
Very Ugly

not wise

Something particularly queer about this specimen

 less sane than normal (but what is normal)

meaning - "baby"


e.g. - "hows the babby?" 


Bitta fluff = bitta stuff e.g an attractive young woman
another name for a woman

a woman with a hot body but a very ugy face.




e.g. "i'm bushed!" 

Derogatory term for a gay man as it rhymes with 'fruit'; another term for gay males
As in everything about her is attractive...but her face!
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