A person who is a tad partial to a bit of the oul penis.
A torturing device used on men to get them to do something they normally wouldn't. A torturing device that connects to the nipples using crocodile clips causing severe and acute pain. Sophisticated manipulators can deliver an electric shock to the nipple adding to the persuasive effectiveness of the device.
This is a very, very common thing amongst Irish people when describing a person, place or thing. Because sometimes we can't articulate how large or small an object is, or the skin tone of an individual or even the heat of a local curry dish - we use this a lot! We basically just say the word twice and the person who gets the info knows exactly what we mean by tone alone.
Something that is pretty darn awful.
Said in response to someone saying thanks. Comes from a Joke where David Hasslehoff asks a Clerk to change his name to the Hoff... when the Clerk said Sure, No Hassle. Now instead of saying "No Hassle" people just say Hoff.
Would often be used in conversation to indicate a sharp drop in air temp.
Testicles. An abbreviation of Gonads.
An extremely erect penis.
Extremely drunk
Alternative to "that's about as useful as a Kerry man with a hurl." Basically, means the topic of discussion is beyond useless.
Something that delights or amazes one.
She was fair ugly
An alternative to 'I am always'
The time it takes to take a piss
A homeless guy in Waterford who's only mission is to say How Do to as many people as possible.
A politically correct way to describe someone with a pair of coconuts for balls.
A statement indicating that one does not want to copulate with another individual.
Telling d truth
A complete load of bollox further impoverishing the Irish people because a bunch of eejits backed the banks over its people.