If you stumble at a grave it is considered very bad luck.
Anyone that kills a robin will have a life full of misery. If a robin comes in to your house its a sign someone close to you will die.
The seventh son of a seventh son has the power over all diseases and can cure them by laying hands.
You must never build a house on the site of a Fairy Fort for it will bring you eternal bad luck. do not mess with the fairies.
To take away lighted sod from a house on May days or churning days is unlucky. To do so takes away the blessing of the house.
It is unlucky to accept a lock of hair from a lover. (sounds a bit serial killer like if i'm honest)
If you meet a funeral you must turn back and walk at least four steps with the mourners. If you hear a cuckoo on your right you will have good luck for a year.
To cure a fever, place the person on the shore when the tide is coming in. When the tide begins to go back out, the retreating waves will carry away the disease and the fever. (possibly because they've drowned in the ocean)
To make your skin beautiful, wash your face with May dew on May morning (May Day) at sunrise.(might be worth a try)
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