Mick and Paddy had promised their Uncle Seamus a burial at sea.
When he died, they kept their promise. They stitched up Uncle Seamus in a burial bag and loaded him onto their rowboat.
After a while, Mick asked, "Do yer tink dis is fer enuff out, Paddy?"
Paddy slipped over the side, only to find himself in water to his knees.
"Dis'll never do, Mick. Row some more."
Later, Paddy tried again, but this time the water was only up to his belly.
Finally, Paddy went over the side and disappeared for a long time.
Mick was getting worried when suddenly Paddy broke the surface, gasping and snorting.
"Well, Paddy? Is it deep enuff here?"
"Aye, it is, Mick. Hand me da shovel."
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