Irish Slang Phrases

A restraunt or cafe
Tribal chant ululated by school going individuals while their fellow pupils dig the head off one another.
Calm down
This phrase is used when referring to a wealthy individual usually far more wealthy than his neighbours in the Parish. He his said to have more land than the Parish Priest, therefore making him wealthy indeed.
End slice of a loaf
Come here and I'll bate ya good lookin.
getting above ones station
Inside, in
Perhaps because of certain distinct physical differences between male and female, this term has been used to describe abilities that are more common in the male sex. Such abilities include; map reading, spatial awareness, computer programming, DIY, and mathematical ability.
From west of the corrib A person that has a minor f*ck up such as misses a shot in pool a free in a match etc
When drinking a mix of alcohol in 1 glass
The highest point of comfort.
To wish someone good luck in their future dealings as you depart, used instead of phrases like Goodbye
The Kesh is the wired in Taxi compound @ Dublin Airport,so named because when a driver gets in ,he can't get out 'til it's his turn. named after Long Kesh in Northern Ireland
Fed up
Look at the 'cut' of him, usually addressed to someone who looks hungover/ has a puss on them or has a questionable sense of hairstyle.
When someones rulin the town with an iron fist
Cunning older female
Wet, runny muck