Irish Slang Phrases
Physical beating
House ruin
Polite alternative to 'feck' yet more severe that 'flute
Its a nother name for kissed
To exclaim acute hunger

1. a lady of the night. a woman who works as a professional in the world of sexual servitude.e.g."she's a dirty hoor so she is"

2. a derogatory term for any sly person"he's a sleeked hoor so he is"
Punch/ Slap
Hard rough sex
Just what you wanted to hear.
Sexual intercourse in a field or bog
Hello there, by any chance could I trouble you for a cigarette?
Give A Beating to
Flexible/Good on the feet
Accepting your situation. Having no defence when in the wrong.
Someone usually from cavan who does'nt spend much money
The value of experience.
Making fun of someone, generally good-naturedly - e.g. "I'm only slagging you
not good enough for public but good enough for around the house.