Irish Slang Phrases
Used when angered/exasperated/impressed by a situation
Someone's brother (Yur bayh if you are referring to the brother of who you are talking to)
Teaching someone something
A slap to the head/ear
Looking for your 5th All Ireland in a row.

The act of ejaculation.

"What were ye doin' with thon brute?"

-"Here, anything to empty the bag, mate..."
To go for a few pints

meaning - "baby"


e.g. - "hows the babby?"
A whiskey blend made and sold in Downses' Pub in Waterford City.

a feckin eejit. Can also mean wandering around aimlessly.
Are you going out tonight?


 "That tea's weak cowl'!"
Chill out or knock someone out

Not Drunk
Short for totally, to agree with someone, usually used in a sarcastic fashion
A stupid or contemptible person. Alternatively spelled "haverel", "heaverel", etc.
Something that is pretty darn awful.
Woman who has had lot of sex
Asking a friend did he get a wank or a blowjob off a girl