Stupid, rare

 "That's wick"
a way of telling someone to get lost

"That fella there is talkin' shite!"
a lucky fool

To engage in meaningless sexual intercourse.

 "Are ye away out thenight to get yer hole?!"
To suck on someones balls similar to kiss my ass



e.g. "had the runs this mornin!"

Ugly smile/face/teeth

"she's a grin on 'er like a dead hare!"

To service oneself

- "Are ye for out thenight?"

-"Naw, I think I'll just pull the pin and have an early night."
Spoof, exaggerated story - e.g. "That's a bit of a horse's hoof I think"

Looking like you have plenty of money when really don't.
when someone is not getting his/her way they pretend they are someone or in something

Someone or something that is generally useless or pointless.

Thon apprentice af yours is about as much use as a back pocket in a shirt.
filthy, repulsive e.g. "mickey, who were you snoggin the other night. She was boggin man"
na, keep it
saying to someone that they dont know who there father is

When, after a night of extreme insobriety, your insides feel reduced to pulp and you feel like you are about to die.

 "Aw Jesus, I feel like shit beaten up in a bucket."
Mentally competent - e.g. "He's not the full shilling"