Drinking boiled down carrot juice will purify the blood.
The clippings of the hair and nails of a child tied up in linen and placed under their bed will cure convulsions.
To cure a fever, place the person on the shore when the tide is coming in. When the tide begins to go back out, the retreating waves will carry away the disease and the fever.
It is not safe to pick up an unbaptized child without making the sign of the cross.
It is unlucky to accept a lock of hair from a lover. (sounds a bit serial killer like if i'm honest)
If you possess a four-leaf shamrock you will have good luck in gambling, good luck in racing, and witchcraft will have no power over you. But, you must always carry it on you. You cannot give it away. You cannot show it to anyone.
Do not turn off a light while people are at supper. If you do there will be one less at the table before the year is ou
If you want a person to win at cards, put a crooked pin in his coat.
If the palm of your hand itches you will be coming into money. If it's your elbow you will be changing beds. If your ear itches and it is red and hot, someone is speaking bad of you. (These Irish superstitions are ones still mentioned at my house.)
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