On Twelfth Night the dead walk the Earth. On every tile of your house a soul is sitting waiting for your prayers to take it out of purgatory.
If a rooster comes to your threshold and crows, you may expect visitors.
While on a trip if you see three magpies on your left it is unlucky; but two on the right is a good omen.
If the first lamb of the year is born black, it means mourning garments in the family within the year.
A bunch of mint tied around the wrist is a sure remedy for disorders of the stomach.
A sick persons bed must be placed north and south not cross ways.
Nettles gathered in a churchyard and boiled down for a drink have the power to cure dropsy
An iron ring wore on the fourth finger will ward off rheumatism.
The seed of docks tied to the left hand of a woman will prevent her from being barren.
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