Anyone that kills a robin will have a life full of misery. If a robin comes in to your house its a sign someone close to you will die.
It is believed that the souls of the dead that die abroad, wish to be buried in Ireland. The dead will not rest peaceably unless buried with their forefathers and people of their own kind.
If you meet a funeral you must turn back and walk at least four steps with the mourners. If you hear a cuckoo on your right you will have good luck for a year.
To cure a fever, place the person on the shore when the tide is coming in. When the tide begins to go back out, the retreating waves will carry away the disease and the fever. (possibly because they've drowned in the ocean)
To make your skin beautiful, wash your face with May dew on May morning (May Day) at sunrise.(might be worth a try)
If chased at night by a ghost or an evil spirit, try to get to a stream of running water. If you can cross it no devil or evil spirit will be able to follow.
If you want to know the name of the person you are to marry, put a snail on a plate sprinkled with flour. Cover the plate and leave it overnight. In the morning the initial of the person will be on the plate, traced by the snail.
Other names for the fairies are “Them”, “The Other Crowd” and of course “The Wee Folk”. You should never call them Fairies, at least don’t say it out loud, they hate that name.
Fairies live all over Ireland. The places they live are called forts, raths, or mounds. A fairy king rules each of these places. At times it is said you can hear sounds of music and merriment coming from the fairy places.
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