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Elation or happines, also used if surprised mainly around east/north east galway, Ahascragh
I will gladly pay you Tuesday if you would kindly provide me with a cash advancement today [was usually said with an undertone of malice, it`s probably 10 Euros now, lol]
Loosely translates as ham sandwiches, but cheese and about a half pound of butter are needed to make one properly (And a pack of taytos for the conossers).
To describe something rare
Using doubt as a positive instead of a I doubt I will be there to mean I probably will be there.....
A term describing the labia on a womans vagina but used in reference townards someone
Shnas - gloss/ shine Term used to descibe the tidyin up/polishing of something
Means hand over your mobile phone or I'll stab you
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