Something that delights or amazes one.
An alternative to 'I am always'
The lowest of the low. When someone lets you down badly it's The Pits.
Bauke is a term to describe a large piece of wood. It can also be used as a derogiative to say someone was not pretty or ungainly.
To be mortally wounded by one's spouse/parent/friend for not doing something you were supposed to do
What Waterford people do on Twitter
Used to describe someone that is Pig Ignornant and is a combination of both words.
A couple who are from two different counties
A complete load of bollox further impoverishing the Irish people because a bunch of eejits backed the banks over its people.
A girl with a very sexy body but an unattractive face... This phrase is generally uttered by men who examine the posterior of a lady as they drive by, On the approach they say "Oooohhh" and if her face does not match the beauty of her posterior as they pass they will say "Naaaaaa", hence Una.
Moobs are fatty deposits on a male's chest, which mimic female mammary glands. Moobs is derived from a shortened (combined) version of the term 'man boobs'. Commonly thought to be the result of the eating habits of fat hungry cnuts; however, some modern practictioners suggest that moobs have become commonplace due to the high exposure of the population to estrogen in modern living due to foods, pesticides and plastics. Moobs are generally considered unattractive, however, there are some members of society who are turned on by these hairy fun bags.
An old expression used by my grandmother and mother when an actor / actress in a film was about to die.
An extremely erect penis.
A homeless guy in Waterford who's only mission is to say How Do to as many people as possible.
Piss off
Used to address a person who's name you've forgotten, and at the end of every sentence
Not liking a lak
A frantic but futile exercise.
A collective term for the penis and testicles.
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