Used to describe someone that is Pig Ignornant and is a combination of both words.
A collective term for the penis and testicles.
A complete load of bollox further impoverishing the Irish people because a bunch of eejits backed the banks over its people.
Ride her ?
A forceful knee on the outer thigh (abductor/outer quadricep), causing severe pain and temporary paralysis (dead leg syndrome).
A person who is a tad partial to a bit of the oul penis.
A kitchen utensil used to chastise Irish children with pre 1990s. Not quite as bad what the catholic church did to children, but an extension of the acceptable level of abuse inflicted on children in those days.
A frantic but futile exercise.
When you get a price for something and it comes as somewhat of a shock to the system.
A slow walker.
A couple who are from two different counties
The lowest of the low. When someone lets you down badly it's The Pits.
An old expression used by my grandmother and mother when an actor / actress in a film was about to die.
Loose change, especially in large quantities.
Would often be used in conversation to indicate a sharp drop in air temp.
An acronym for the phrase "Come On You Boys in Green" (C.O.Y.B.I.G.) in reference to a phrase uttered at Republic of Ireland soccer matches in support of our players.
A girl with a very sexy body but an unattractive face... This phrase is generally uttered by men who examine the posterior of a lady as they drive by, On the approach they say "Oooohhh" and if her face does not match the beauty of her posterior as they pass they will say "Naaaaaa", hence Una.
Messed up/ wobbly/ crappy