A couple who are from two different counties
Sticking it to someone/thing
Tribal chant ululated by school going individuals while their fellow pupils dig the head off one another.
Used to address a person who's name you've forgotten, and at the end of every sentence
An iphone said in a Waterford accent
A torturing device used on men to get them to do something they normally wouldn't. A torturing device that connects to the nipples using crocodile clips causing severe and acute pain. Sophisticated manipulators can deliver an electric shock to the nipple adding to the persuasive effectiveness of the device.
When you get a price for something and it comes as somewhat of a shock to the system.
A girl with a very sexy body but an unattractive face... This phrase is generally uttered by men who examine the posterior of a lady as they drive by, On the approach they say "Oooohhh" and if her face does not match the beauty of her posterior as they pass they will say "Naaaaaa", hence Una.
Extremely drunk
Country side / somewhere not in a town/ city
A statement indicating that one does not want to copulate with another individual.
Having a laff
A frantic but futile exercise.
'A thing of' is a very Irish way of describing an inanimate object, usually a container or packaging of sorts. Be it down to laziness, or actually not knowing the name of what the object is, this expression has many uses.
The lowest of the low. When someone lets you down badly it's The Pits.
How we say Nougat in Waterford. The correct pronunciation is of course New-gah.
Messed up/ wobbly/ crappy
Cya later
Combination of the words John and Edward, made popular during X-Factor UK when twins from Dublin named John and Edward became popular.