The lowest of the low. When someone lets you down badly it's The Pits.
Bauke is a term to describe a large piece of wood. It can also be used as a derogiative to say someone was not pretty or ungainly.
Something disgusting or horrible. No question here, whatever is described as 'pure mank' is truly shockingly disgusting.
A complete load of bollox further impoverishing the Irish people because a bunch of eejits backed the banks over its people.
Some beaut
Used to describe someone that is Pig Ignornant and is a combination of both words.
Would often be used in conversation to indicate a sharp drop in air temp.
An extremely erect penis.
A bag of chips (thick cut potato fries) that contains and arbitrary number of chips more than a regular bag of chips. The amount of extra chips is at the discretion and generally based on the mood of the person serving as there is no standard measure for a large chip.
An alternative to 'I am always'
A whiskey blend made and sold in Downses' Pub in Waterford City.
A statement indicating that one does not want to copulate with another individual.
Not liking a lak
A person who is a tad partial to a bit of the oul penis.
Moobs are fatty deposits on a male's chest, which mimic female mammary glands. Moobs is derived from a shortened (combined) version of the term 'man boobs'. Commonly thought to be the result of the eating habits of fat hungry cnuts; however, some modern practictioners suggest that moobs have become commonplace due to the high exposure of the population to estrogen in modern living due to foods, pesticides and plastics. Moobs are generally considered unattractive, however, there are some members of society who are turned on by these hairy fun bags.
Alternative to "that's about as useful as a Kerry man with a hurl." Basically, means the topic of discussion is beyond useless.
What Waterford people do on Twitter
A collective term for the penis and testicles.
A politically correct way to describe someone with a pair of coconuts for balls.
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