A phrase used to turn a simple comment into a sexual joke.
Cya later
Having a laff
When you get a price for something and it comes as somewhat of a shock to the system.
Telling d truth
Getting angry
A slow walker.
An old expression used by my grandmother and mother when an actor / actress in a film was about to die.
Good enough to eat
The time it takes to take a piss
What Waterford people do on Twitter
A whiskey blend made and sold in Downses' Pub in Waterford City.
Describing a group of people who are seen regulary at a regular event or place
Not liking a lak
She ugly kid
Ride her ?
This is a very, very common thing amongst Irish people when describing a person, place or thing. Because sometimes we can't articulate how large or small an object is, or the skin tone of an individual or even the heat of a local curry dish - we use this a lot! We basically just say the word twice and the person who gets the info knows exactly what we mean by tone alone.
A thick whitish fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated from the male genital tract. Also known as Semen or Sperm. Unlike semen, spunk can also be used as a verb.