A term used to describe when two things bond together very well
Used to descride a small space or if there was a large crowd of people in a place and it was hard to move around.
To clean up
Used to describe woman that is pushing a pram with a child in it and expecting another child
Used to describe a person who rushes into something without thinking of what will happen
Used when someone asks how are you
Used to describe a young person up to no good
Used when a person does something to benefit others but aslo benefit themself from it
When someone is being extremeley anti-social.Often this person does not go anywhere because they are spending an abnormal amount of time with their hundreds of cousins and goin to 50th birthday parties or just lying in there wee gypsy house in trentagh beacause theyre "wile tired man".The person may spend an large amount of time at "Norahs" also.