A person from out the sticks aka buffland
Means hand over your mobile phone or I'll stab you
A legends of town in south shligooooo!!!! mullinabreena is the correct spelling!!!
A group of legends from Limerick City who produced some fantastic videos such as 'I wouldn't ride you without a bag of glue' and the recent 'Horse Outside' which in this author's opinion is the greatest work of genius ever to be produced on the Emerald Isle. f*ck your Honda Civic I've a Horse Outside.
A measure of the eligibility for marraige. How much of your land is bounded by a road and therefore ready for sale as sites for houses.
Noise or sound, 'bit o' life'.
Rough and ready/heedless/dozy
What you call a girl after having sexual intercourse on the beach (T.B)
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