When someone is extremely drunk and the amount of alcohol they have taken can be compared to the amount of stolen goods in the bra of a female of the traveliing community.

Jez boys im in back nick the day, I was as full as a gypseys bra last night.
says it all really
So Drunk You couldn't take any more
Drunk - e.g. "He was fluthered again"
term used for female GAA fans who trawl the holylands for siegerson and macrory cup players and pollute their minds, for a night of hows yer father in return of a football jersey

To drink alot, usually meant as a comedy term.


"go on ye alcho ye!"
Donegal saying for Guinness

plural of jammer - more than one stolen car


a tight area where there are alot of people. "that area is jammers!"

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