Irish Slang Phrases

Fornenced = in front of (it's fornenced ye) = it's in front of you!
Joint, Grass

1. Can be used as an exclamative term, for example, after a spillage "ballix, i spilled milk everywhere"

2. Can be used to desribe when something is not believable. Example "the grass is pink" "aye, ballix"
Trundle is to pass something down or over to another person
Ah way of expressing disgust with a persons sexual orintation.
an expression encouraging the listener to air on the side of lesser haste. in English "Now hang on a minute" e.g. "houl yer horses boys, dont be payin up yet, sure we dont even know if there's a bar in this hotel"
Someone who has a bit of weight on them...
Expression used instead of, "How are you?"
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