An old word for a pipe/ clay pipe. (For smoking)
Meaning any or ever. Used in areas of Roscommon close to Leitrim and the Midlands. Pr: air.
Added to nouns to form a diminutive to denote something short, small or little.
If someone has 'failed a sight', their health or appearance has declined.
Someone who is very generous, particularly with money, is said to be flaithiúlach
Similar to 'footherin', fidgeting or fussing over something
Fidgeting, searching
The Cloonchas is the area of Cloonbonnive and Gortaganny in West Roscommon where most townlands begin with 'Cloon', eg. Cloonfower, Clooncan. From the Irish for meadows, 'Cluainte'.
To 'go wrong' is to drink to excess.
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