Not liking a lak
Getting angry
Some beaut
A forceful knee on the outer thigh (abductor/outer quadricep), causing severe pain and temporary paralysis (dead leg syndrome).
An unearthly rock formation in the shape of an erect penis complete with testicles in the Mahon Valley in the Comeragh Mountain range, pronounced man valley, which is an unfortunate enough coincidence. Legend has it that if you spit on Dicky Rock you will receive the gift of the shag!
A frantic but futile exercise.
Something that is pretty darn awful.
Would often be used in conversation to indicate a sharp drop in air temp.
To be very very happy
Extremely drunk
Him or it
A phrase used to turn a simple comment into a sexual joke.
The girlfriend on the sly or that no one knows of
A collective term for the penis and testicles.
Perhaps because of certain distinct physical differences between male and female, this term has been used to describe abilities that are more common in the male sex. Such abilities include; map reading, spatial awareness, computer programming, DIY, and mathematical ability.
A politically correct way to describe someone with a pair of coconuts for balls.
Oral sex
She ugly kid