a female of ill repute e.g."ye may wash yer hands before ye sit down to eat that plate o' champ, especially seein' you've just come home from seeing that strumpet" or"that Charlotte Church strumpet"

Be Careful


e.g. "be wide on the road!" 

to be very upset or aditated

example - "my mum nearly had 40,000 canaries, she was so mad"
Tatters - e.g. "The dog left the shirt in flitters"
something only half done with the intentions of finishing it off later.
you cant make something that looks bad look good
a term used to describe a person who is deemed unworthy of attention. e.g. "turn that telly over. Even the sight of thon Juan Simmons would sicken yer happiness"
A certain task would annoy you immensely
another way of saying "i don't care about money"