An Auction

"you heading down to the roup tomorrow night?"

To lose the head, annoyed.

Pissed off .Fed up .Not pleased .
An way of expressing a dislike for anything you see, for example a badly modified car or an ugly girl.

When someone is supposed to be working but is just laying around generally wasting time.

That bi ther is ridin out the day hi.
A way of saying "I can't remember"
Strabane version of the window

Pronounced "like"

Generally used needlessly in a sentence, generally at the end.


"That was great crack like"


"Did you honestly do that like?"
Having a very poor tolerance level. The word threshold is the part of the door frame that you step over. In times gone by it was the peice of wood that went accross the doorway to stop the straw or hay (thresh) from spilling out of the house, long before carpets were used. Hence the word 'threshold'
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