I wouldn't be arsed going out ( i wouldn't be bothered)

Being so anxious regarding something to the extent that flatulence is uncontrollable, often to the point of follwing-through.

 "I was that nervous, hi, it was squeaky-bum time...!"

To service oneself

- "Are ye for out thenight?"

-"Naw, I think I'll just pull the pin and have an early night."


e.g. "that fella there is as thick as 2 short planks!"
a poorly cleaned backside
Someone who spends their day living life like a total Tramp Head "see tramp head"

N. Anat.


 "Tis'nae yer balls, and tis'nae yer arse."
She is most unattractive!
A Fart
"I just floated a serious air biscuit there, and by fuck shes a hummer!."
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