In bad mood

"he's as  Crabbit as a cat"
when you talk about everything to anyone

A Derry boys description of someone a brick shy of a load. (an idiot)

Roughly translated is that will teach you / tough luck

Also see 'That'll Harden Ye' and 'That'll tighten ye'

To Be Snobbish, usually said sarcastically in response to someone showing off




Person 1 - "i got a new car today!"

Person 2 - "Oh Laudy Daw"
saying to someone that they dont know who there father is
someone who feels the urge to be a complete Arse Weed in their everday life..."see arse weed"

a derogitory term for someone who is a bit slow.

a more polite way of telling someone they are stupid.

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