When, after a night of extreme insobriety, your insides feel reduced to pulp and you feel like you are about to die.

 "Aw Jesus, I feel like shit beaten up in a bucket."
insult from the farney county describing someone who is incompent

In bad mood

"he's as  Crabbit as a cat"
Her teeth were below par!
A way to describe someone with buck teeth
i would like to have sexual relations with that girl

(pronounced "Bust Yer Cran-Yum")

To hit someone violently over the head.

 "See if you don't leave me alone, I'll bust yer cranium!"


example - "i done one hell of a coodle in the bog (toilet) lastnight"

Someone or something that is generally useless or pointless.

Thon apprentice af yours is about as much use as a back pocket in a shirt.

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