Irish Slang Phrases
Example: Yer man is a total clampet
Meaning stupid. example - "that lad is as tick as a plank" - submitted by Jamie

A Troublemarker


e.g. - "he's a bad egg that one!"
Same as on the lang not going to school

Your backside
eg. state of you fallin on yer hoop!
Usually in mountain gorillas, when groups come across each other in the forest, the male-male interactions are quite aggressive, involving chest-beating displays and sometimes even physical violence. Similarly, in Ireland, as a particular species of males, generally known as skangers, pass each other they display similar aggressive actions. These actions are known as throwing shapes and can involve head movements, fist movements and strange methods of walking.
First years in any secondary school
A whitey is when ya smack out from weed but a lot here just use for when anything bad happens.
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