Irish Slang Phrases
To be covered in dirt

Toite can mean anything you want. Good, bad, pretty, ugly, cool, stupid.

e.g. 1: "I won the lottery there" "Toite one!"

e.g. 2: "My relative just died" "That's toite."

Also used by Goldmember "Toite like a macho man"
In Belfast, if you enter a fast food takeaway and ask for a fish supper, the server may well ask "what's ur cawn" in a broad Belfast accent.  To which you might reply "fanta".  Over the years it has become commonplace to use this phrase as a greeting. So, instead of "what about ye?", you may say "what's ur cawn?".
A fat f*ck.
A promiscuous woman
someone who has no intention in buying they just like looking and wasting your time
Mentally unstable person, often used as a compliment to describe somebody who’s up for a laugh.
Bad, needing attention - e.g. "The place is in a desperate state"
Against it or hold something in palce
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