Irish Slang Phrases
Getting a few slaps on the behind from Mammy for actin bold.
Used as an exclamation at something happening. Eg. at a hurling match when a person scores a goal in a humurous way a person can joke. "Did ya see that, Up she flew and the cock flattened her!"
How are you friend?
To be desperate for/in great need for something.
Child (from "wee one")
I'd give her one
A post secondary educational establishment with an immaculate reputation for supplying Limerick's nightlife with a bit of innocence.
Expresion for geting served drink/fags in an off licence/pub while under 18.
The Kesh is the wired in Taxi compound @ Dublin Airport,so named because when a driver gets in ,he can't get out 'til it's his turn. named after Long Kesh in Northern Ireland
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