Irish Slang Phrases
Used as a term as in are you ok??
A group of neighbours working together.
A popular greeting of those of whom cant be bothered to say "Whats the craic?"
Meaning "as if" or "by the way". can be used to add sarcasm or to exaggerate a statement. usually used in the middle or at the end of a sentence.
i would like to have sexual relations with that girl

Toite can mean anything you want. Good, bad, pretty, ugly, cool, stupid.

e.g. 1: "I won the lottery there" "Toite one!"

e.g. 2: "My relative just died" "That's toite."

Also used by Goldmember "Toite like a macho man"
A typical Leitrim saying when someone on the other end picks up their telephone
A bure you’d ride, even if her bed was covered with potato crisps
Another word for a wanker. Less offensive though
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