Irish Slang Phrases
Hard to translate, roughly meaning fun - e.g. "We had great craic that night"
Moobs are fatty deposits on a male's chest, which mimic female mammary glands. Moobs is derived from a shortened (combined) version of the term 'man boobs'. Commonly thought to be the result of the eating habits of fat hungry cnuts; however, some modern practictioners suggest that moobs have become commonplace due to the high exposure of the population to estrogen in modern living due to foods, pesticides and plastics. Moobs are generally considered unattractive, however, there are some members of society who are turned on by these hairy fun bags.
Used to describe someones nose
Like nippy, it is describing a cold day or something rather cold
To rob an orchard
Last word.
Some article, obstacle or other infernal source of consternation that causes you untold grief.
saying a bird is that ugly you wouldnt even let your mate buck her
Somebody whos always talking, Mouth wide open blabbing on.
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