Irish Slang Phrases
Nancy Withers was a singer, apparently you could wait for a long time till something happens. This is a Sion mills  co.tyrone saying
Stupid person
A woman of loose morals (!!)
A phrase uttered when you are in pain

Irish Scenary

Green Road Trail - Greencastle, County Tyrone - Save Our Sperrins

Gortin Village from the air

Loughmacrory - County Tyrone

Greencastle - County Tyrone - Save Our Sperrins

St Mary's Chapel - Knockmoyle - Omagh

St Mary's Chapel - Knockmoyle - Omagh


Sunset Drone Flight Over The Gortin Lakes, Omagh, County Tyrone

Snowy Sunset Drone flight near Omagh, County Tyrone

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Colin Murphy

Jake O'Kane

Keith Law

Keith Farnan


Comical Videos (Not Real)

The following videos have been made for a bit of fun and are not the actual voice of the person speaking.

Bob Geldof

Gerry Adams

Ian Paisley

Martin McGuinness

Liam Neeson
To be chased from a business or public premises because you are up to no good.
That is really good
Another way of saying very.... shocking without the g like..!
At a fast speed or to do something well.
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