Irish Slang Phrases
eejit. e.g. "yer man's a bit of a gallute if ye ask me"
Used to describe someone who is heavily drunk, more drunk then mouldy but less drunk then paraletic
Chasing/data a woman/women
Used to describe a young person up to no good

Toite can mean anything you want. Good, bad, pretty, ugly, cool, stupid.

e.g. 1: "I won the lottery there" "Toite one!"

e.g. 2: "My relative just died" "That's toite."

Also used by Goldmember "Toite like a macho man"
A wolly hat
One who is described as a "bit simple" or "not all there upstairs"
A term used in the case of something exciting that has just happened.
An uncivilized character
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