Irish Slang Phrases
The garda station
Muise; Indeed (b) Muise! Muise!; Well, Well! Muisiam; Upset. Muisiamach; 1. Upset; perturbed; irritated. 2. Feeling sick. 3. Heavy / drowsy / dull. (There is a "fada" over the "u" in each of the above.
A good looking middle aged woman 40+
F*ck off, Piss off, leave me alone
Aware of ,understand
Not a thing
Sucking someone ball sack
Having a very poor tolerance level. The word threshold is the part of the door frame that you step over. In times gone by it was the peice of wood that went accross the doorway to stop the straw or hay (thresh) from spilling out of the house, long before carpets were used. Hence the word 'threshold'
A lazy person, usually male.
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