Irish Slang Phrases
Derry City speak for "Well Worths", a long extinct supermarket chain.
A Fart
"I just floated a serious air biscuit there, and by fuck shes a hummer!."
Rhyming slang for money
When the traits of the father appear in the son

Did ye hear, yer man is an arse bandit! Description of a gay man.
Meaning any or ever. Used in areas of Roscommon close to Leitrim and the Midlands. Pr: air.
Large cut Turf around the Lough Shore-Bigger than normal-technique introduced by Dutch man called Gogh who worked for bord na mona at the turn of the century. Cut big to suit the sponginess of the turf.
It means oh my god taken from the americans.
You would like to have sex with someone
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