Irish Slang Phrases
The lowest of the low. When someone lets you down badly it's The Pits.
Over there, a place
Senior infants.
Greeting. trans..'how are you?' reply 'im grand'
Said when someone makes a blunder, at the same time you hit your forehead with an invisible ice-cream cone
Muise; Indeed (b) Muise! Muise!; Well, Well! Muisiam; Upset. Muisiamach; 1. Upset; perturbed; irritated. 2. Feeling sick. 3. Heavy / drowsy / dull. (There is a "fada" over the "u" in each of the above.


Toyota AE86 RWD, much loved around Newry
A person who is bonkers and mad craic
Something going up & down consistently.
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