Irish Slang Phrases
I dont want to hear what u have to say so just walk away
A torturing device used on men to get them to do something they normally wouldn't. A torturing device that connects to the nipples using crocodile clips causing severe and acute pain. Sophisticated manipulators can deliver an electric shock to the nipple adding to the persuasive effectiveness of the device.
I will gladly pay you Tuesday if you would kindly provide me with a cash advancement today [was usually said with an undertone of malice, it`s probably 10 Euros now, lol]
To have sex, get the ride
To go and dance somewhat wildly to music
Drinking under age in clane football club.
So am are = So I am
Most commonly used to suggest that someone is mentally challenged. Similar to calling someone handicapped or retarded.
Fool, idiot - e.g. "That fella's a right gobdaw"