Irish Slang Phrases
Making fun of someone, generally good-naturedly - e.g. "I'm only slagging you
To describe someone as not looking organised or "well"

boss is reference to anyone, it doesn't actually have a meaning


e.g. "well are you this evening?"
A person with a big nose
A particularly loathsome (to the eye) or unkempt vagina.
because of an annoying person, usually a family member, one is ready for the local psychiatric unit
A terror
In Belfast, if you enter a fast food takeaway and ask for a fish supper, the server may well ask "what's ur cawn" in a broad Belfast accent.  To which you might reply "fanta".  Over the years it has become commonplace to use this phrase as a greeting. So, instead of "what about ye?", you may say "what's ur cawn?".