Irish Slang Phrases
An unpopular nun
Muise; Indeed (b) Muise! Muise!; Well, Well! Muisiam; Upset. Muisiamach; 1. Upset; perturbed; irritated. 2. Feeling sick. 3. Heavy / drowsy / dull. (There is a "fada" over the "u" in each of the above.
A pub, housing estate or other gathering point that is filled with undesirables and where one should not spend too much time.
Disconsolate potential mother-in-law about an aspiring daughter-in-law.
Not up to much/anything
Some one who takes more than 3 spoons of sugar in their tea.
Falling deeply in love with your first sexual partner
A casual way of saying goodbye (my father is the only person I know that says this)
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