Irish Slang Phrases
Little penis
Any male person whos name you cant remember or dont know.
Smelly fanny - tuna vagina - i.e. a smelly garkla garden

collecting some "z's"


1)To sleep. Conked out = sleeping heavily. 2)For a car to stall/stop suddenly.

Thanks, Don't stress yourself
I will gladly pay you Tuesday if you would kindly provide me with a cash advancement today [was usually said with an undertone of malice, it`s probably 10 Euros now, lol]
Another word for sex.
When someone is being extremeley anti-social.Often this person does not go anywhere because they are spending an abnormal amount of time with their hundreds of cousins and goin to 50th birthday parties or just lying in there wee gypsy house in trentagh beacause theyre "wile tired man".The person may spend an large amount of time at "Norahs" also.
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