Irish Slang Phrases
To slap your willy off a girls face
To mess about or to go wandering

Get out of here now, please.


"Go'on, sling yer hook, mate."
Not a thing
F*ck off, Piss off, leave me alone

1. an annoying young person.e.g. " I cant sell ye fags Davy, not if you're just goin to give them to them wee skitters standin outside the off-lisence"

2. a semi solid piece of faecal excretia e.g. "I shouldn't have horsed thon curry into me last night. I've gone and caught a dose o' the skitters"
Going to the bathroom
they go to the tractor show in cushendall/my god what a night mare. or are ye goin tea the oul lammass fare hi.
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