Irish Slang Phrases
The championship
A wee sup of a liquid beverage
Hungover badly
The prevailing weather conditions in the Wesht of Ireland. Cloudy and misty.
A legends of town in south shligooooo!!!! mullinabreena is the correct spelling!!!
Said by by young men about women they want to sleep with!
I will gladly pay you Tuesday if you would kindly provide me with a cash advancement today [was usually said with an undertone of malice, it`s probably 10 Euros now, lol]
An unearthly rock formation in the shape of an erect penis complete with testicles in the Mahon Valley in the Comeragh Mountain range, pronounced man valley, which is an unfortunate enough coincidence. Legend has it that if you spit on Dicky Rock you will receive the gift of the shag!
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