Irish Slang Phrases

A way of saying someone is half cut or quite drunk due to a large consumption of alcohol.

Hi lawd you look ruff the day, where you two sheets to the wind last night?

Derry term.

(noun) a tight-fisted person
eg. what a stoke! she wouldn't spend christmas

(verb) to steal
eg. someone stoked my bike

(adjective) cheap, tacky, worn out (similar to "gypy")
eg. that tracksuit's a bit stokey lookin
A term used to describe when two things bond together very well
A term that describes when a person dislikes another person
(As tight as two pence) Someone who is mean with money.
A person who is very stupid or dim witted. In other circumstances, a person who always messes around and acts the eejit
A hot/sexy boy. the boy version of the word bure



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