Irish Slang Phrases
Pronounced (shhk-ya-ways) meaning lopsided, sideways, messed up, all over the place, twisted in the wrong direction

A restraunt or cafe
Euphemism describing the act of defecating, metaphorically speaking. Otherwise known as taking a good hard shyte for oneself. This particular expression is used when the excrement is of a particularly large and solid nature.
Fat legs
This is a very, very common thing amongst Irish people when describing a person, place or thing. Because sometimes we can't articulate how large or small an object is, or the skin tone of an individual or even the heat of a local curry dish - we use this a lot! We basically just say the word twice and the person who gets the info knows exactly what we mean by tone alone.
"Are you feeling ok because that's a really stupid idea"
Would often be used in conversation to indicate a sharp drop in air temp.
To hit someone hard either with an open hand or closed first.
A term that describes when a person dislikes another person
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