Irish Slang Phrases
Awful, terrible, very bad. Often just left as 'cat'. Sounds like 'melojen'.
Money in coin form
Copulation, Sexual Intercourse
Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair Usually used to describe a "Computer Problem" when there isn't one. Its just that the user is not Computer Literate.
A casual way of saying goodbye (my father is the only person I know that says this)
It is on my leg
Thats the why
Giving something to a person who has plenty
This is a very, very common thing amongst Irish people when describing a person, place or thing. Because sometimes we can't articulate how large or small an object is, or the skin tone of an individual or even the heat of a local curry dish - we use this a lot! We basically just say the word twice and the person who gets the info knows exactly what we mean by tone alone.
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