Irish Slang Phrases

I would like to perform oral sex on you
Another word for hair
A name given to a referendum to be held at the end of May in Ireland by the Yes campaigners.

Many of the Irish finish their sentences with the words "so it is" - this emphesises what they just said.


e.g. “That’s a nice car you’ve got there, so it is!”

Derry term.

(noun) a tight-fisted person
eg. what a stoke! she wouldn't spend christmas

(verb) to steal
eg. someone stoked my bike

(adjective) cheap, tacky, worn out (similar to "gypy")
eg. that tracksuit's a bit stokey lookin
We must have faith in...

You're in for it !

 Usually followed by 'and i'm a lawnmower' which can be interperated into 'i'm gonna beat ye' or 'i shall be the one to put you in your place !'
Among all the to-ing and fro-ing.
Can i use your lighter? (gis a light)
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