Irish Slang Phrases
Insult to someones intelligence.Generally harmless and used in a Nigerian accent for laughs.
A joint.
A small, thin cheeky boy or man.
Having a very poor tolerance level. The word threshold is the part of the door frame that you step over. In times gone by it was the peice of wood that went accross the doorway to stop the straw or hay (thresh) from spilling out of the house, long before carpets were used. Hence the word 'threshold'
I will gladly pay you Tuesday if you would kindly provide me with a cash advancement today [was usually said with an undertone of malice, it`s probably 10 Euros now, lol]
Term to describe a group of men that often drink in the pub. "Dry", (with a rolled "r") meant to imply that they are very thirsty for alcohol.
A person from out the sticks aka buffland
When one goes out in the evening for refreshments
Someone who acts the eejit
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