Irish Slang Phrases
A little slap across the head (lug = ear). used by parents across the country.
Halting site.
To trounce the tripe out of someone or something
Describes been thirsty for alcohol
Wicklow people

When someone is extremely drunk and the amount of alcohol they have taken can be compared to the amount of stolen goods in the bra of a female of the traveliing community.

Jez boys im in back nick the day, I was as full as a gypseys bra last night.
Muscley Chap
The Anti-Ronan.
Advising one of the lads to try to woo a lady of the larger variety back to your house while reminding him not to let her stay around too long after ye have the job done. Can also be used in other situations where you want someone to go away quickly or get a job done fast.
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