Irish Slang Phrases
Woman who likes any male genitalia anytime
Knacker or a gypo
Whooping cough..Violent cough causing the victim to move and heave to clear the chest.....not so much the term but the way it was used by a certain fellow in his description of how it might effect or in his case enhance love making......
To mess with someone, to play a trick on them, usually asked to someone
Ride her ?
Ballymaloe loving gaelic player. Very dry hands.
A person who is considered to be of limited intelligence
popular in the so-called "Triangle" area (that's Ballymoney, Coleraine, Portrush). used instead of "mate" e.g. "'bout ye sham" meaning "how are you mate?" Often claimed as an Ulster-Scots term. Ulster Scots is a "language" that has been spoken in Ireland for almost 10 whole years now.
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