Term used to indicate a large amount of alcohol

Your DA,

Your Father, 

See also “Your MA”

How to win any slaging match,

eg, One person says to another, F**K you've a big head,

Second person response " i your DA likes a big head"

Head in this case being a sexual innuendo, referring to the male penis.

Ok, ok ok....its not Irish....but we Love to say it!!!

When, after a night of extreme insobriety, your insides feel reduced to pulp and you feel like you are about to die.

 "Aw Jesus, I feel like shit beaten up in a bucket."

you cannot keep a secret

To service oneself

- "Are ye for out thenight?"

-"Naw, I think I'll just pull the pin and have an early night."

Fierce Hoor.

Sneaky, especially in business transactions.

Have sexual relations as in "did ya face er"
f**k clean off

Did ye hear, yer man is an arse bandit! Description of a gay man.

Driving me mad

"he's doin me f**ckin nut in!"

Way of saying someone put on weight/ saying something swelled up


"ever since she went off the fags she's blew up like a barrel!"

meaning - "very"


e.g. - "thats bloody marvelous!"  

An Ugly Person "He looks like a bucket of snots"
when someone is not getting his/her way they pretend they are someone or in something


A way to describe someone with buck teeth
a way of telling someone to get lost
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